Bringing the pirate story book to life with fun activities

Thinking up fun creative activity ideas for my little ones doesn’t come easy to me. Mainly because I’m run off my feet keeping my two little ones fed & clean, juggling all the day to day necessities and working part time; that doesn’t leave a lot of time left for planning a fun activity at home. 

That’s partly where the idea for Little Koala Book Club was born. I asked myself a few things:

  • What are activities that my little ones like to do at home and how can I make them easier?
  • Is there a way that I can make things easier for me and share it with others?
  • Working in themes and kids stories seems to engage my little one. How to work it all in?

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and my bookworm daughter loves reading and acting out the scenes of books. Packaging that up with some amazing costumes and crafty activities to go along with the story brought the book to life for her in a fun way and before I knew it we had the afternoon sorted!

With our pirate story book box, I was able to get at least 5 fun activities:

These may occur in different order depending on what works with your little one.

    • DRESS UP- Included in our pirate story book boxes is a pirate costume dress up. Dress up and bring the pirate characters to life!
      • READ - Sit down and cuddle to read the pirate book. This is when your little one will start getting some ideas about the story.

         Pirate book and dress up

          • CRAFT & CREATE - I cut out the pirate themed drawings from the box so that my little one can paint them. These will be used for props for imaginary play and fun activities. 

            Fun pirate craft activities Little Koala Book Club

             making the parrot for pirate story kins activities

              • FUN ACTIVITIES - The pirate story box also includes a treasure map for a treasure hunt activity. Hide the cut out prop of the golden underpants and use the treasure map to find them! 
                Pirate treasure hunt     


                  Zara loved this. I hid the golden underpants and she went looking for them with her treasure map.
                    • *Extra imaginary play activity for the pirate box - Cut out crocodile pictures and put them on a blue blanket then get a towel and fold it into a rectangle to use as a bridge. Now run across me hearties and don’t fall in the water because the hungry crocodiles are snapping!
                    Walking the plank Pirate kids activities
                      • Connect with a Virtual Storyteller - if you have family afar, abroad or interstate you can try out a fun virtual activity. The family member has the option to purchase  & download the ebook of the same pirate book and read to their little one on facetime etc or video record themselves. 

                        These pirate activities kept my little 4 year year old engaged and she had a lot of fun and we enjoyed some good laughs. We don’t always have great moments or even good moments, but these activities, role playing and bringing the story to life in a fun way, helped us to connect, build on her imagination and share this special moment. 


                        Try out our FREE DOWNLOADABLE drawings of pirate treasure map, parrot and the fabled golden underpants.

                        Treasure map click the hyperlink for pdf.

                        Fabled pants of Gold click the hyperlink for pdf.

                        Parrot click the hyperlink for pdf.