Featured Storyteller: Rachel Tribout, Author & illustrator of 'The Monsters of Tasmania'

Rachel Tribout is the author and illustrator of the children's book 'The Monsters of Tasmania', inspired by the raw and untouched wilderness of Tasmania.

I was so excited to team up with Rachel to create an imaginative, 'The Monsters of Tasmania storybook & dress up box' and bring this amazing story to life for little ones. 

The story book box features a signed copy of the book 'The Monsters of Tasmania' along with dress up accessories and craft activities to create Albert the Monkey first mate puppet, and friendly monster and treasure map colouring activities. Get ready to set sail on an incredible adventure home!

Rachel's story is truly inspiring. Her wild imagination and seeing the world differently has inspired her to create these wonderful stories for little ones that bring joy into the home. Lucky us!

I'm always intrigued to know about the author and illustrator behind the book. How did the idea come to mind? Where did this love of creating stories begin?

So here is a bit about Rachel and her story and inspiration behind 'The Monsters of Tasmania' :

How did the idea come to mind for your book ‘The Monsters of Tasmania ? 

It was a mix of inspirations. I have always loved folktales, the ones about sea monsters in particular, and I come from a continental place in France; so when I moved to Tasmania, and I lived surrounded by its wild nature and ocean, my imagination ran wild. I have also always loved to explore nature and I enjoy finding creatures shaped by natural elements- like cloud watching, but with mountains.

How did you get into writing children's books ? 

I love visual storytelling and drawing, and from an early age it was my dream to illustrate children’s books. I have a huge collection of picture books and I am passionate about them. When I decided to teach myself how to create picture books, I started the Monsters of Tasmania. At first it was only a series of drawings aiming to tell a story visually only, with no text. I didn’t think that I would publish it and it was meant to be shown as a portfolio to publishers. But people got interested, and after having been invited to present the draft of the book to an event by the Emerging Writers festival in Tasmania, I realised that maybe it had potential to be published, so I went ahead a year later it was released into the world. Since then I have worked on many more children’s books and more are coming.

What was your favourite children's book growing up?

Les Farfalous. It was a series published in France in the 1980s. The books told the stories of cute furry creatures who lived in an enchanted forest and had to overcome the challenges and traps set by the mean “Croquemitaine” and its weird dragon pet. I have only found one picture on Google, it’s so old!

Is there a character in a book that you wanted to be or liked dressing up as, when you were growing up ?

I liked to dress up as a princess… although I was quite a tomboy! 

What’s a fun fact about you ?

When I was little I had imagined that the moon needed constant repair and that a man on a ladder was in charge of that.

Should we be on the lookout for a new book coming out soon ?

I am working on the third installment of the Captain Blueberry series, where we’ll follow Captain Blueberry and Admiral Bolognaise in Antarctica. 

Which would you choose if you were stuck on an island: coffee, chocolate or wine ?

Chocolate. No hesitations.