Featured Storyteller: Sarah Cullen Author of children's book 'Spike'

Sarah Cullen is co-author of the gorgeous children's book  'Spike' about a penguin with rainbow hair who goes on an adventure to change his hair and blend in with the crowd.

This book's beautiful message about loving who you are and being proud of your differences, is especially important for little ones

I was so excited to team up with Sarah & her sister Carmen Ellis (co- author ) to create Spike storybook & dress up box and bring this beautiful story to life for little ones. Spike penguin storybook

This storytelling box features the storybook Spike along with dress up accessory - cute penguin beanie and colouring/paint activity to create storytelling props plus colourful feathers for Spike's rainbow hair!

Spike the penguin storybook & dresss up box

I found Sarah and Carmen's journey in becoming authors really interesting and inspiring, and was excited to share their story with our Little Koala Book Club Community:

How did the idea come to mind for your book ‘Spike’? 

Actually, the idea for Spike came about because we stumbled upon an incredible illustrator, Zuzana Svobodova. She does the cutest animals, so we came up with the cutest ocean themed character we could think of (a baby emperor penguin) and asked her to illustrate for us. It was such an amazing decision and we have never looked back. The theme of this book is about self acceptance because we know that it is so important for children to love themselves for who they are.


How did you get into writing children’s books? 

I have always had a keen interest in writing, particularly in rhyme. When covid came along, my travel business with my sister really suffered and we saw that as a sign that we should finally start our children’s book journey. After releasing our first book, we quickly realised that this was a really great path for us and we are now writing our fourth book in a series called Ocean Tales Children’s Books.


What was your favourite children's book growing up?

I absolutely loved all of Roald Dahl’s books. If I had to choose one of his books, I think I would have to say the BFG.


Is there a character in a book that you wanted to be or liked dressing up as, when you were growing up?


I had a book of the Wizard of Oz and I loved dressing up as Dorothy.

What’s a fun fact about you?


Our main character, Spike was inspired by a nickname I had as a child. One day I somehow got honey toast stuck in my hair, and instead of washing it out, I made the stupid decision to cut it out of my hair. A patch of my hair then grew all Spikey for at least a year, so all my sisters called me Spike.


Should we be on the lookout for a new book coming out soon?

Absolutely! We have a new book about a mermaid coming out in November, plus three more ocean themed books will be released next year.


Which would you choose if you were stuck on an island: coffee, chocolate or wine?

Haha I love this question, and also find it difficult to choose! I think I’d probably take the wine!

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