How to build a library of storytime videos

Having those live moments on FaceTime and Whatsapp are great. However, with time differences from living abroad and/or also busy life commitments, we all find it hard to find the right time to connect online, especially for storytime.

Here are some steps you can take to create a storytime video library for your grandchild and some suggestions on free apps that you can try out to save and share your videos virtually.


1. First things first, as soon as you receive your ebook or book get started on practicing your best reading voice. Then set up your phone, ipad or laptop and get filming.

As you video record yourself reading the book, it helps to say 'turn the page' when the child has to turn the page. Read our blog 'Tips to make virtual storytime SUPER fun' for some tips on making your video engaging and have fun along the way!

2. Upload your video and share with mum or dad with one of the apps suggested in our blog: Top 5 free apps to share and store your storytime video.

3. Open the app and click on the video. Your little one may be super tech savvy and figure this one out themselves.

4. Your child can sit back and listen to your storytime video while they look at the beautiful illustrations of their book from their Little Koala Book Club book and dress up box.

5. Parents are then encouraged to take photos or videos of their little one enjoying the book and dressing up as one of the characters. These can be loaded onto the same folder on your preferred video sharing app for easy access.


6. Repeat this again the following month and soon your little one will have a library of grandparent/uncle/auntie storytime videos which they can access anytime and listen to again and again!

After recording your reading you need to share it with your little one. Typical email accounts wont be able to send 6-10 minute videos as the file size is too big. That's where free apps come in. Read our blog, Top 5 free apps to share and store your storytime video.