How to connect during storytime, virtually

It's more important than ever to stay connected and what better way than during storytime virtually!

Little ones will love watching and listening to their grandparent, uncle or auntie reading to them virtually and sharing these moments.

There are so many apps out there now that can help us connect virtually with family who live abroad, interstate, in another city or even if you live close by.

Facetime and WhatsApp are free apps and are easy to sign up; you just need to create a profile and you are up and running. A new one which is all the craze is Zoom. This is great if you want to connect with lots of family members all at once.

Our family uses these often to catch up virtually with family abroad and interstate. The tricky thing is catching them at the right time with time differences. We also often post photos in the private message function of our two little girls dancing, dressing up and getting into mischief.

We encourage families to connect during storytime and enjoy a fun virtual activity, by nominating a Virtual Storyteller. This family member receives a link to the e-book format to purchase and steps on how to download ebook. Find out more about how to nominate a Virtual Storyteller.

Steps to reading virtually:

1. Practice reading the ebook. Think of fun, creative ways to read to your little one.
2. Video call and read your ebook version of the book while your little one enjoys their new book and its beautiful illustrations!

3. Or try out video recording yourself reading the book. This is great when there is time difference. Please read our blog:  'How to build a library of storytime videos'.

4. Receive photos or videos of your little one dressing up in their dress up and acting out the character.


Once the story is over, take turns asking each other about the story- what was your favourite part? What was your favourite character in the book?

No ebook? No worries, Virtual Storytellers are welcome to source the book another way or read another book of the same theme. We just encourage families to connect and share moments of learning and joy with their little ones.