Tips to make virtual storytime SUPER fun

Connecting and engaging online  with 3 - 6 year olds can be tricky especially if they are like my little one and are a non-stop kindu kid. However, we have found that she will sit still while family that live abroad or interstate read to her virutally. She loves a good story so it's a great virtual activity that they can enjoy together.

Virtual storytime however will be different for each family and will depend on the little one. Children are all different and will respond in different ways to virtual storytime with a facetime call or video recording of their grandparent, uncle or auntie.

Whether it's a virtual call or video recording of storytime, here are some great tips to make your storytime fun and engaging for your little one:

1. ) Let your inner drama queen come out

Be as animated and dramatic as possible. Use movements to enhance actions in the book.

2.) Silly voices are encouraged

Practice some silly voices beforehand for one or two characters.

3.) Change the speed of your voice

Speed up, slow down, go loud or whisper.

4) Join the dress up party

Your little one will be dressed up in their theme outfit. Join them and dress up as a pirate too!

5) Use props

Find anything you can around the house that is mentioned in the book.

6.) Sounds

Use any cutlery utensils to make some creative sounds. Grab a pot and a spoon and use the drumming as sounds. Or if you are musical use some of those skills to make your video engaging. 

7.) Ask questions

Once the story is over, ask the little one some questions, what was your favourite part? What was your favourite character in the book? (this may depend on the age of the child)


Have fun and be silly! They will love it.