Top 5 free apps to share and store your video storytime

After recording your reading you need to share it with your little one. Typical email accounts won’t be able to send 6-10 minute videos as the file size is too big. That's where free apps come in.

Use the app that works best for you and your family. You might already be confident using an app that isn't listed here, and that's perfectly OK. Accessibility and ease is key to making this an enjoyable experience.

Try our suggestions below out and see what works best:

  1. Dropbox


This app's primary focus is to allow easy group file sharing. It has a few monthly plan options but for the purpose of a video storytime library, you will be fine with just signing up for the free Dropbox account.

Once you create an account you can create a folder called “Grandparent  video storytime''.

Advantage: This is our preferred app as it lets you load  large video files, you will easily be able to upload 6-10 minute storytime videos. Organising and sharing folders is easy.

Disadvantage: There is a limit to the free version so when you hit the limit you need to download the files and save them on your phone or computer. This means a little more work and organising, but remember it's free.

Check out page on advantages of Dropbox:

  1. Youtube (Private Account)

Youtube is mainly geared towards sharing videos publicly. However, you can create a private account. 

Upload your videos (these videos can be as long as you like) and set it up to be private. A private link will be created that you can send to your little one’s parents and they can click on the link and view the video.

Advantage: Easy to set up and the video is private.

Disadvantage: Once you upload you need to send the link to the little one's parents each time. Parents then need to try to store this link somewhere and remember where they've put it!

Youtube doesn't allow for easy sharing and if parents want to send videos they will need to create an account and upload videos and send links.

You would need to use another app to then share photos.

  1. WhatsApp

Similar to the other apps, download the app on your mobile device and create an account on Whatsapp. Then you can set up a group and invite parents and share those beautiful videos in the group. If you already have a family group, consider starting a new one just for this fun experience.

Advantage: Easy to upload and share. You can set up notifications so you know when something new has come through. It also has advanced security features.

Disadvantage: Posts can be hard to find in the group feed and can lead to lots of scrolling. Your video file may be too big and you will need to reduce video file or split in two. You can also share with icloud link if youhave an iphone.

Check out this website for more information about WhatsApp, ''[What is WhatsApp?

  1. Google Photos

This app is free and you can download it on your phone, ipad and laptop. Despite its name, Google Photos can also store video recordings.

If you don't already have a Google account , you'll need to create one. Once logged in click on 'Çreate' and choose 'Album', title it ' video storytime', Then click 'Select Photos' this will allow you to upload photos and videos.

Down at the bottom of the app there is an option for 'sharing''. You can add a 'partner account' so parents can have access to your videos. First select your partner (mum or dad) and and then choose the videos you want to share.

Advantage: You can load files up to 15GB a day which is great for your 6-10 minute video storytimes. It's easy to use and navigate.

Disadvantage: You need to make sure to keep the folder organised for just storytime videos. Folders can become cluttered if you add other items and the storytime videos may be difficult to locate.

  1. Daily Kiddo

This app is free and really easy to use and navigate. The purpose of the app is to create groups with family and share photos and videos privately. You set up an account and then send an email invite to the family so they can set up an account. You can then set up a group.

Advantage: Easy to upload photos and video and they are instantly shared with your family in the group privately. You can also write a comment underneath the video or photo. Video and photos are easy to find. 

Disadvantage: The video maximum is about one minute. This is way too short for a video reading!


With all of the suggestions listed above, we also recommend that you (and your little one''s parents) download each video to your mobile device or computer. This will safeguard them against being lost if something happens to the app!

If you have any suggestions on other apps that could be used for sharing these special family moments, we would love to hear from you! Please send us an email at

*Spoiler alert- We're on a mission to create an awesome video storytime app to share all the special moments with Little Koala Book Club's themed book and dress up boxes.