Unique Christmas Gifts for Kids

Starting to think about Christmas?

Well I'm already starting to use the line... 'Clean up your mess Zara' and.. 'Be nice to your little sister, remember Santa is watching and Christmas is almost here'. he he

We wanted to share with you that you can now add a little personalised Christmas note (& also Birthday note) to each themed book and dress up box you purchase.

This is the cute note:

Check out our unique selection of beautiful children's premium book and dress up gift boxes sure to ignite imagination, joy and a love of reading:

Our May Gibbs' Gumnut babies book and dress up box is one of our special edition premium book and dress up boxes. It's a lovely gift for May Gibbs story lovers and those that wish to introduce their little ones to the endearing Gumnut babies and their Australian bush adventures.

Here is an awesome action photo of Zara bringing the story character to life to another level. She's the colourful butterfly from the classic 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar book and dress up box includes book and colourful wings to bring the character to life.


From our shop straight to your home, wrapped and ready to go: