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Pirate 1st mate story book box

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It's a pirate life for me...

This pirate box includes pirate story book and dress up plus a treasure map to find the sacred underpants. Let their imagination run wild as they bring the swashbuckling pirates to life 'Ahoy there maties'!

The dress up is a Pirate 1st mate shirt and pants. The size is medium and fits 4 -6 year olds.

They will enjoy this hilarious book, 'Pirate love Underpants' written by Claire Freedman and embark on a fun adventure to find the sacred underpants.

This story book box includes:

-  Pirate story book,

- Pirate dress up costume.

- 2 pictures on the box to paint/colour in and cut out and use as props for imaginary play.

- Plus a treasure map to use as a treasure hunt activity.

Optional Virtual Activity: Want to nominate a ‘Virtual Storyteller’?

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