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The Monsters of Tasmania Storybook & dress up box

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The Monsters of Tasmania Storybook & dress up box is a new addition to our wonderful collection of storybook boxes.

The box features the imaginative children's book 'The Monsters of Tasmania' written and illustrated by Rachel Tribout.

The raw and untouched wilderness of Tasmania  ignited Rachel's imagination and inspired her to create this story full of adventure. She cleverly portrays Tasmania's wild landscape as friendly monsters that are discovered by Captain Blueberry and Albert the first mate monkey.

This storybook & dress up box includes:

-  The Monsters of Tasmania, hardback version with author's signature

- Dress up accessories, sailors hat, telescope and bandana

- 2 illustrations from the book on the box to paint/colour in and cut out and use as props for imaginary play.

- Create your very own Albert the monkey first mate puppet.

- Plus treasure map for a fun treasure hunt activity at home.

Rachel and I teamed up to create this special storybook box and we hope it brings joy to your little one!

Get ready to set sail on an incredible adventure at home! 
* If you would like to learn more about the Rachel the Author and Illustrator, check our blog 'Feature Storyteller: Rachel Tribout.'


*Recommended for 3 year olds and up.

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Thoughtfully complied

My children’s imagination was sparked by the story and loved bringing it to life with the props included. The craft activities were simple to do and allowed for their own creative choices. I liked the way the costume/prop selections not only went with the Monsters of Tasmania book but have also been used to play pirates and explorers. The story is perfect for adventure lovers. A great gift idea!