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Our Story

Thanks for stopping by and learning a bit more about Little Koala Book Club's beginnings and founder, Andrea, along with the fabulous testing, creative and development team.

Andrea is a bookworm at heart, when she isn’t reading (or working on Little Koala Book Club and drinking coffee) she is making cubby houses and ships and acting out characters with her two little koalas (daughters) in Brisbane, Australia. Her four year old’s love of books and dressing up fuelled the idea of designing a fuss-free themed book and dress up boxes that encourages imagination, creativity and fun.

With family abroad in Dubai, Colombia and U.S.and also close by, these special moments were shared via video calls, photos and videos on WhatsApp and Facebook. Her in-laws, Wendy and Larry from the U.S. (part of the creative and development team), sent the first Grandparent storytime via video thus grandparent storytime video concept grew.


Andrea and co. aim to help families, similar to her own, that live apart or with busy life commitments, to connect and have fun with their little ones, reading and dressing up at home or virtually, which is Little Koala Book Club’s main mission.


Both Larry and Wendy bring educational expertise to the team with combined 70 years of experience and Masters qualifications in Education.

Claudia (aka Abuelita) is our Finance and Operations guru. Her expertise is also English/Spanish translations and sourcing the best bilingual books.
Our cheeky Zara is our tester. She tries out all the books and dress ups. We usually know a book is a  good one when she says 'read it again please!'.

Thanks for your support! We truly hope you and your little one will have fun getting creative with imaginative play and sharing old school activities; reading, dress up and crafts!

Join the Little Koala Book Club and reimagine storytime with your little ones, Order your box!