Little Koala Book Club

3 month story book box subscription

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Spellbind your little ones with engaging, beautiful and funny stories of swashbuckling pirates, brave fairies, playful dragons, kind mermaids and cheeky knights and many more. Let their imagination run wild!

Choose your story book boxes

Select the themed story book boxes above that your little one will like best each month.

The dress ups fit 3 year olds and up. The pirate dress up size is medium and fits 4 - 6 year olds.

*Shipping fees are calculated at check out.

Subscription payment and delivery

This subscription is only for little ones within Australia.

Remember you will automatically be charged $45 per month plus shipping for 3 month period ( 3 charges in total).

  • Payments are processed on the 10th of each month; story book box  shipped out on the 17th-19th.
  • Customers will always be charged for their first box immediately when they sign up, but subsequent orders will automatically be charged on the 10th of each month.  
  • If you subscribe after the 10th of the month, then your little one’s first box will be shipped out on the following month's dispatch (17th-19th) and you will not be charged that billing cycle on the 10th.

For example: subscribe anytime in August until 10th of September. Get charged immediately for the first box and that box is sent out on the 17th-19th of September.  Next charge will be the 10th of October. 

For example: Subscribe on the 11th of September. Get charged immediately for the first box and that box will be sent on the next month's dispatch (on the 17-19th of October). You will not be charged on the 10th of October, but the next charge will be the 10th of November. 

This name will be used in the nomination email and also included in the box.
Certain dress ups may vary in size
Please write their name followed by their email.