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Groovicorn Storybook & dress up box

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If you have a little one that is crazy about unicorns... then get ready for the even funkier and cooler version...the Groovicorns!

'We are the Groovicorns' written by Rosie Greening and illustrated by Stuart Lynch is featured in this funky box. The book is a hilarious, colourful and rhyming story that sends the beautiful message for little ones (and big ones) to celebrate our differences and not be so quick in judging other!

Life is a groovy party baby and it's much more fun playing all together!


This storybook & dress up box includes:

- We are the Groovicorns book (paperback)

- Psychedelic rainbow dress (dress up is recommended for 3-5 year old).

- Funky rainbow unicorn horn headband

- 2 themed pictures on the box to paint/colour in and cut out and use as props for imaginative play.


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Katy Smith
Groovi uni!

Lovely quality outfit with a great book, my niece loves it! Thank you for the wonderful service and super speedy delivery.